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Customized Solo Sessions
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These one on one sessions are a great opportunity to have personalized focused support to move through any blocks, fears, or challenges you may be experiencing in this work and help launch you into the next level of liberated expression and a deeper sense of creative freedom in what ever you may be working on.

6 Session Solo Deep Dive

This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting a personalized supportive container for creating and developing a professional solo performance piece. This container is also great for anyone who would like to explore their creative process and expression on a deeply healing and transformative level. We will use extensive elements of Improvised play, body based creative expression, free writing and much more to help you find the voice that wants to be expressed and healed

Contact us to set up a customized series that works for you!

What you will receive:

  • 6 Two hour solo sessions
  • 2 Thirty minute phone calls
  • Ongoing support through email
  • An optional One night performance

Cost: $1000 ($200 savings)


6 Customized Solo Sessions Package
  • 6 Two hour solo sessions
  • 2 Thirty minute phone calls
  • Ongoing support through email
  • An optional One night performance
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Reviews for Solo Sessions

“A deep Thank You to Asher Lyons! During a Medicine Theater improv rehearsal, I had a huge breakthrough, an internal spiritual healing and the vision of seeing my artistic work heal more people affected by sexual assault.”
— Laura
“Asher is a master improv teacher, a sacred clown, a powerful medicine man and beautiful human with a huge heart. The healing, growth, expansion and transformation I experienced working with him is truly remarkable. If you feel stuckness in your life, lack of inspiration or connection to yourself or your heart, or just less than your shiny, best self, the practice of improv, used as a medicine and facilitated by a teacher who holds an impeccably safe and empowering space can change your life in the most exciting, fun, spontaneous and playful way. We are almost always nervous, timid, scared, trepidatious, you name it...but if you can find it within yourself to just show up, the sky’s the limit to your own happiness!”
— Abby


“This class is called MEDICINE because you will find that here. Experiencing a space where you can explore the opportunity to transform any blocks in your life in a FUN way, is truly amazing. My life has been changed in so many great ways from having the honor of being part of Asher Lyons’s vision. I love it! I love Asher! I love Medicine Theater!”
— Alan
“I took the 8 week Original Story Creation Workshop. This class supported me through so much, challenged me to my edge, helped me find my authentic voice and an amazing story within just waiting for me to unleash it and be brave enough to share it in public. Asher held a masterful, loving & empowering space for us to Trust ourselves in the moment, beyond our mind’s need to control or feel safe with the familiar. I overcame so much performance fear and can stand more fully in who I Am & who I Am to become in every place of my life.”
— Jewel