Medicine Theater's signature form is the perfect experience for all humans from complete beginners, advanced improvisers and everyone in between: an utterly explosive, deeply transformative, on your feet, body-based style of spontaneous play geared towards opening the portal into our intuitive knowing. This is not your typical Improv class - it is a practice of unlocking our creative imagination, and gaining deeper wisdom and insight through that opening. 

Improvised play approached with intention in a safe container has the power to carry us into states of creative liberation and awakened perception.

In this work we use the art of improvised spontaneous play to awaken liberated self expression, find our authentic voice, and overcome fears and limiting beliefs. It is a very helpful way to combat depression and anxiety and connect to our own authentic joy and happiness; our original birthright.

I took the 8 week Original Story Creation Workshop. This class supported me through so much, challenged me to my edge, helped me find my authentic voice and an amazing story within just waiting for me to unleash it and be brave enough to share it in public.

Asher held a masterful, loving & empowering space for us to Trust ourselves in the moment, beyond our mind’s need to control or feel safe with the familiar. I overcame so much performance fear and can stand more fully in who I Am & who I Am to become in every place of my life.
— Jewel