• 3 week series - Introduction to improv & story creation

  • 8 week series - intermediate improv, story creation & performance

  • 3 month - rites of passage play creation series

  • weekend workshops & intensives

  • specialty classes

Youth Programs:

  • Rite of passage retreats

  • Rite of passage after school programs

  • Improv workshops

  • Medicine Theater anti-bullying programs



  • Uncover more flexibility & playfulness in communicating with others

  • Discover untapped creative forces within

  • Heal and release through Laughter

  • Overcome fears and cultivate new courage

  • Practice problem solving skills through creative play

  • Develop skills in collaboration and team work

  • Experience the connection between the creative mind, body and spirit

In Medicine Theater we draw on elements of play, improvisation, free-writing, music, dance, ensemble building techniques, character and story creation, as well as movement exercises as a way of discovering the story that wants to emerge from us. This is not an environment that pushes at any sort of outcome; but rather a safe, open ended space where we are invited to awaken our creative being and come back to a natural sense of play, allowing for our story to emerge almost as if by accident. 

We use a variety of methods ranging from over the top comedic physical expression to more vulnerable internal heart/mind/body exploration as a way to find that depth of story together. Medicine Theater Improv bridges it's own unique style of play along with many exercises and games first developed by Viola Spolin (the internationally recognized originator of Theater Games and Chicago's The Second City Improv).