“Improv has been a part of my life from a very young age. I feel so incredibly lucky for the training in spontaneity, wildness, and self-expression. Recently I took Asher’s Medicine Theater Improv class and was overjoyed to be led in the gift of Improv again and by such a fun and talented teacher.”
— Maya
“A deep Thank You to Asher Lyons! During a Medicine Theater improv rehearsal, I had a huge breakthrough, an internal spiritual healing and the vision of seeing my artistic work heal more people affected by sexual assault. ”
— Laura
“This class is called MEDICINE because you will find that here. Experiencing a space where you can explore the opportunity to transform any blocks
in your life in a FUN way, is truly amazing. My life has been changed in so many great ways from having the honor of being part of Asher Lyons’s vision. I love it! I love Asher! I love Medicine Theater!”
— Alan
“I took the 8 week Original Story Creation Workshop. This class supported me through so much, challenged me to my edge, helped me find my authentic voice and an amazing story within just waiting for me to unleash it and be brave enough to share it in public.
Asher held a masterful, loving & empowering space for us to Trust ourselves in the moment, beyond our mind’s need to control or feel safe with the familiar. I overcame so much performance fear and can stand more fully in who I Am & who I Am to become in every place of my life.”
— Jewel
Jazz hands and LOVE from my improv class tonight! Improv theater allows me to be silly, quirky, ridiculous, playful, and in the moment. Such good medicine for living life!
— Kiera
“If you’ve been wanting more improv in your life look no further. Medicine Theater is sooo good. In the series, I took I was so happy to have an expressive, non-judgmental container to express the creative, playful, silly, deep parts of my being. I met new friends, played with old ones, and we got to dance like rockstars. If your inner child is needing some time to play - I highly recommend it! Asher is soooo funny and wise!!”
— Maya
“The last eight weeks have been super fun and I have learned a lot.  Getting to know and play with everyone has been very enjoyable, your improv abilities have deepened  and you are all  skilled  in bringing forth those crazy characters.  

Thanks Asher for your combined skills  as teacher, shaman, performance artist, healer, medicine man and someone who really cares about people.  I think you produced a good show, making sue we all had a chance to participate.”
— Peter
“I just felt like sharing that the word that keeps coming to me in the aftermath of our class & performance is “supported”.  I am forever grateful to have had the support of this group to recognize & start breaking through some patterns, to have my frustration stare back at me so clearly & ultimately to have the space to wobble, stutter, stumble, and also shine as I grow my roots & my wings. Thank you all so very much for bringing your strengths and your struggles into the group to weave the web of support that has allowed for so much expansion and expression.  

I really can’t thank you enough for bringing your gifts, your skills, your wealth of experience and your heart to the community. I feel so honored to be a part of this group and this experience. It continues to be the highlight of my week. This practice never fails to get at the parts of myself that need to be exposed & explored. More please!”
— Lucia
“You are a master of your craft bro! Blessed Majestic improv channel of supreme love and laughter! Big respect to you and the lineage of the path you walk... Your gifts are rare and so essential to life, every day in every way... Your teachings and transmissions of humor are profound! So grateful for you and all that you are Asher! You light up hearts with sunlit flames, bless you eternally my dear friend and brother!!”
— Tyler
Breaking some new inner ground...

Last night I took my first ever improv class who knew that I could speak “gibberish-ese”

It felt good to shrug off some of the old armor and tap into my authentically silly self. Looking forward to where this exploration will take me.

”If we fail to nourish our souls,
they wither, and without soul,
life ceases to have meaning….
The creative process shrivels
in the absence of continual dialogue
with the soul.
And creativity
is what makes life
worth living.”
— Marion Woodman
— Pete