Berkeley 8 Week Archetypal Improvised Story Creation
360.00 400.00

When: Wednesdays: September 11, 18, 25, October 2, 9, 16, 23, & 30

Where: Rudramandir Center in Berkeley, CA

Cost: $360 early bird if paid by 8/23, $400 after that.

Class size: Limited to 15

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Refund Policy

Payment for series cannot be refunded. If you are unable to attend a series you have previously registered for, your payment can be applied to a future series.

Medicine Theater Presents: A Journey into Intuitive Knowing and Spontaneous Play

Improvisation, or the art of awakening intuitive knowing thru spontaneous play, is an ancient art form used as long as humans have existed. This powerful vehicle provides the opportunity to tap into an inner knowing that goes beyond our rational thinking. It exists in a stream of consciousness dimension, similar to the world of our dream time.

Through the art of spontaneous play and intuitive knowing we will improvise our way into unique, liberating and healing relationships with ourselves and each other. We will access incarcerated aspects of our inner being and free them through whole body intention, relationship development, and group play. 

The vehicles of prayer (or intention setting) and medicinal music and sounds will help paint the pictures and open the portals into alternate worlds and inner landscapes. Together we will weave these landscapes into stories, journeys and relationships that extend beyond our wildest imagination into the realm of limitless creative possibility.

*Connect to the power of vulnerable creative play
*Discover untapped creative forces within
*Develop a relationship with your sacred fool
*Support in expressing your true voice in front of an audience
*Heal & Release through Laughter
*Access new or dormant aspects of your creative being
*Overcome fears and cultivate new courage
*Practice problem solving skills through creative play
*Experience connection between the creative mind, body, spirit