8 Week Program for Boys 8-10 yrs

 Boys Rites of Passage

"If the fires that innately burn inside youths are not intentionally and lovingly added to the hearth of community, they will burn down the structures of culture, just to feel the warmth". (Meade, 1993)

Medicine Theater invites you to join a brand new Rites of Passage program designed to empower boys in finding a deeper connection to themselves and the natural world. We will bridge the vital creative power of spontaneous play, nature awareness, and indigenous earth based perspectives guided by incredible wisdom keepers and expert mentors.


This will be an introductory 8-week program for 8-10 year old boys that meets Mondays 4-7pm beginning this October 2015! The program will begin with a half-day outdoor immersion on the land for the entire family and conclude with a half-day celebration and sharing with the entire family.


  • Mondays October 19th-November 30th, 4-7pm
  • Saturday, December 5th, 12-5 pm (entire family)

What your child will learn:

  • Earth skills and nature awareness
  • Improvisation, spontaneous play & theater games
  • Earth-based Rites of Passage rituals
  • Indigenous perspectives of life
  • Council around the ancient fire: Developing leadership & listening skills through the ancient art of council


  • Experience rites of passage rituals that will acknowledge the transition into the next phase of a young boy’s life
  • Find creative liberation and a connection with each other through the art of spontaneous play
  • Discover our own inner power and ways to harness it in everyday life
  • Develop skills in problem-solving and kind relating
  • Come alive as we learn, train, play, and laugh under the guidance of expert wisdom keepers and mentors


Today in our fast changing modern world many of us have lost connection to mother earth. It is very hard for today's youth to connect with their own natural cycles. The bond between elders and youth in contemporary society is not as vibrant as in traditional cultures both past and present. We believe that igniting the bond between elders and youth in the context of the natural world, has the potential to reawaken them to their true power and give them a vision that can inspire their life, securing a bright future for the generations to come.

Rites of Passage, led by experienced wisdom keepers and mentors, have the power to offer something to youth that they are hungry for: a potent ritual that acknowledges their transition into the next phase of their lives. In today’s world many youth have lost access to these rituals leaving them feeling lost and confused about how to move gracefully into the world of adulthood.


$350-500 (sliding scale) - actual cost $500
50% due by October 9th
second half due by October 30th
Register via PayPal to asher@medicinetheater.com

(intake must be completed to be accepted into the program)

For more information:
contact Asher Lyons


Visionary and Creative Director, Asher Lyons brings a tremendous amount of energy,  joy, and enthusiasm for the natural cycles of life. He is passionate about supporting youth in finding their own authentic connection to the natural world and he is committed to fostering a container rich with group collaboration, positive play, and nature based learning

For over 13 years Asher has been working with a variety of youth theatre programs, rites of passage wilderness camps, bully prevention programs, and nature based youth mentorship programs. He has also co-created his own unique outdoor wilderness Rites of Passage youth programs with indigenous wisdom keepers, where they share a variety of earth based rituals, wilderness skills including tracking, fire making, plant identification and much more.

Dedicated to his own self growth, Asher has been working and training with Indigenous Wisdom Keepers from across the Americas for 14 years. He enjoys weaving their knowledge and wisdom into his mentorship style with youth through the art of storytelling, creative play, and his simple love of nature.